DC Motors

Smart furniture motion

DC motors for smart furniture motion – representatives of this sector are mainly recipients of electric motors with fractional power. Our products are used as drive for desk and column lifts for smooth height adjustment ergonomic desk in smart office. The motors produced at ZEM may be used as drive of motorized furniture in hospital beds and rehabilitation equipment. The motors are also used as a drive for servomotors that regulate the position of seats, mattresses, bed frames. Finished goods produced for this group of customers are intended for export.


Height adjustable sit and stand desk.

Dentist equipment motion.

Medical equipment motion.

Rotor line.


Automotive – this group of customers is dominated by the prododuction of mechanisms and drive units for windscreen wipers for coaches, bus, heavy duty equipment, tractors, trains and trams. This group includes the largest Polish coaches manufacturers, for which ZEM Sp. z o. o. provides ready wiper systems. Our motors are used as well as drive of heaters and fans.

Wipers system for HGV and construction vehicles.

Automatic gate drive.

Tractors wipers system.

Coach wipers system.