Zakłady Elektrotechniki Motoryzacyjnej Sp. z o.o.

ul. Sudecka 14

57-340 Duszniki Zdrój



Our firm went through turbulent history, connected to polish’s economy changes in second half of XX and beginning of XXI century. There is no exaggeration in statement, that firm its endure owes to stubbornness and determination of people from its current management and engaging & experience of its crew.


Roots of our enterprise reaching XIX century, when in 1891 German investor established in Duszniki Organization of Hand Weaving, and next on its basis big mechanical weaving plant. This plant had a lot perturbations connected to I & II World War and lastly in 1945 it was put into liquidation and transformation. Then real history of ZEM begins.


Polish economy has change a lot through its journey into XXI century. This changes won’t by-passed our enterprise – the production profile  was under constant changes, because it should keep actual market trends. Thanks to it present firm earns experience and continuing many years’ tradition in manufacturing DC motors of fractional power for various applications, earned during the years of activity on market in different forms as followed:


-  from 1945 to 1957 as state enterprise under the name Dolno¶l±skie Zakłady Metalowe;


-  from 1957 to 1995 as state enterprise under the name Zakłady Elektrotechniki Motoryzacyjnej;


-  in year 1995 the firm was turned to a private one and was known as POL-MOT ZEM S.A.;


-  in year 1997 the firm was acquired by Ford Motor Co., as a result of internal reorganization the independent consortium Visteon was established and our firm took over the name Visteon ZEM S.A. Duszniki Zdrój.


- from 01-02-2002 as limited company, which 100% of its shares belongs to five domestic natural persons.


Below you’ll find some of photos concerning enterprise’s evolution:


- firm by the end of XIX century

- ZEM before its first development – year 1967

- main gates – year 1972

- parts production – year 1979

- montage line – year 1992