Zakłady Elektrotechniki Motoryzacyjnej Sp. z o.o.

ul. Sudecka 14

57-340 Duszniki Zdrój


About Enterprise


In present moment our production is focused on two basic areas:

area I – production for non-automotive buyers (now dominant)

area II – production for automotive industry

In area I we are unquestionable national leader in production of DC Motors of fractional power for various applications. Most important application of our products is drive of linear actuator, applied in mechanical (controlled) comfort and technical furniture industry, for example: hospital beds and rehabilitation equipment, drive of technological equipment – for example in welding automatons, sliding gates, air supercharges etc.


In area II we have in our assortment spare parts for polish automotive industry (AFTER MARKET) and many export goods – equipment for vehicles such as farm tractors, trucks, buses,  various self-propelled machines and even river ships. So in automotive industry we’re interested in market niches, where we feel perfectly in addition to our competitiveness to big automotive concerns. Our main products for this area are drives of wiper units, motors for cooling fans and heather fans.