Zakłady Elektrotechniki Motoryzacyjnej Sp. z o.o.

ul. Sudecka 14

57-340 Duszniki Zdrój


Quality Politics

Implemented by our Enterprise integrated politics of quality and environmental management is manifesting by the following:


  • Fulfilling requirements of European Union and Polish Law concerning quality and safety of products and environment protection;
  • Trying to reach full client’ satisfaction through fulfillment of his needs and requirements;
  • Implementation and obeying of quality procedures & environmental management in every field of enterprise’s activity;
  • Annually determination of targets to reach and tasks to accomplish, concerning not only technological & economical aspects, but also matters of product quality, high work standards and environmental aspects and it’s consistent  settlement.
  • Improving of group work methods, based on firm’s good internal communication and mutual trust to each other between firm’s employees.
  • Whole crew engage into ZEM’s Mission and still pursuing to complete our firm’s vision.



- full compatibility with ISO 9001 and ISO 140001;

- products high quality;

- technological advance;

- professional and dynamics;

- constant improving;

- high work standards;

- client’s orientation;

- environment concern.